• 40" Bag- Plano Hard Case for Airline Travel

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    Our 40" Big Bag fits perfectly inside this hard case (after you take the guts out).  It's made in the USA by Plano.  Use this case when traveling on airlines with your weapon so TSA doesn't hassle you.  When you get to your destination, take the NUMO Bag out and take your weapon where you need to without all the problems of a big hard case.  

    Here is the standard description from Plano:

    Plano's new 1144 Parallel Limb Bow Case is fully customizable, allowing archers to securely transfer and protect their bow no matter the make, model or set up. The case is constructed with an industrial-strength exterior and features generous dimensions, moveable tie-downs and an adjustable PillarLock system that can be customized for every bow configuration. Features: Pluck Foam for Pillar Placement; Adjustable PillarLock System; 1309 Utility Box Included; Packed 1/Carton; Exterior 43" x 19" x 7.5"; and Interior 41" x 17" x 7".