How it works

Pneumatic Vacuum Protection System

  1. How to use the bag: 

1) Place your item and center it inside the bag.

2) Close the bag zipper (all the way).

3) You can place some slight pressure on the gun

    so it forms into the bag.

4) Make sure the valve is closed (right hand turn).

5) Place the pump into the valve and pump until 

    you feel some resistance in the pumping.

6) Bag should now be firm, and moulded to your item.  Note: You don't have to open the valve every time you open the bag.  

7) Turn the valve to the left (counter clockwise) until you air moving in, and that softens the bag again.  Note: You don't have to remove the valve to open the bag. 

8) Congrats!,  You stuff is now well protected!  


Bag should stay vacuumed for at least a few days.  If it doesn't, see repair instructions below:

If your bag goes soft before 24 hours (never good:), try these tips:

Make sure valve is turned firmly to the right (righty tighty) then try again.

Remove valve and look to see if any obstruction (like small white beads) have entered the valve inner chamber.  Try to blow out or remove the obstruction.

Make sure the o-ring on the valve and the area on the valve flange, where the o-ring sits, are free of dirt and debris.

If all previous valve fixes don't work,  the inner bag can be removed through the inside zipper.  Take the inner black bag out (gently push valve through its hole) and look for any obvious punctures or defects.  

Try deflating the bag again and listening for any obvious air movement (leaks).  Repair using simple scotch tape if hole is small enough.  You can use clear packing tape for larger tears or holes.   Specially formulated repair patches can also be purchased online with us (see other stuff).

If the inner bag (or outer shell) appear to be defective (and within one-year of purchase), send us an email [] with a repair request and we will send you a FREE shipping label (usually though email) for you to send the bag to us for FREE repair and return.  Cheers,  Roger

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Great video

This video does a great job  of showing you how it works!